Accuracy and simplicity combined with portability

The HandyPROBE™ line-up is a portable optical CMM specifically designed for use on the shop floor. Thanks to its metrology-grade accuracy and dynamic referencing capabilities, the HandyPROBE delivers unmatched accuracy regardless of the measurement setup, instabilities of the environment, and user experience level.

Accuracy of 0.025 mm

Certified ISO 17025

Patented technology

Take advantage of a simple, yet sophisticated,
portable CMM for your quality control


3D measurement solutions designed for manufacturers’ unique needs

Product development and design

Technical specifications

0.025 mm (0.0009 in)

Volumetric accuracy: 
0.064 mm (0.0025 in)

Part size range (recommended):
0.2–6 m (0.7–20 ft)

Quality control and quality assurance

Reverse engineering

Launch innovative products to your market faster

Reduce costs and ensure the quality your customers expect

Quickly extract dimensional information from existing components to produce new CAD reference models

Take it anywhere. Use it anywhere.

Because there is no physical link between the probe and system, the HandyPROBE can easily be brought to wherever the part is for maximum adaptability.

Achieve metrology-grade accuracy 

The HandyPROBE is your go-to portable optical CMM to acquire highly accurate, reliable and repeatable 3D measurements—right on the shop floor. 

  • Arm-free system
  • Versatile measurement capabilities
  • Dynamic referencing
  • Measure parts with a wide range of sizes 
  • Consistent accuracy over time 
  • Reliable acceptance test
  • Metrology-grade measurements

Simplicity that gets the job done

Quality control teams rely on the HandyPROBE’s fast setup time and ease of use to quickly carry out mission-critical inspections and accelerate production.

No rigid setup required

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HandyPROBE: The arm-free portable probing system designed for the shop floor

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Award-winning design

The HandyPROBE Next wins the top category, Red Dot: Best of the Best

The 41-member jury awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best for top design quality and ground-breaking design to Creaform’s optical CMM solutions, which all deliver unmatched accurate and reliable 3D measurements—even in the harshest and most unstable production environments.

The portable optical CMM HandyPROBE Next was created with a carbon structure and optimized with FEA. It features excellent weight distribution. The device can be operated with two ergonomic positions: a more stable “stylus pen” style and a versatile “joystick” style.

Take it Anywhere. Use it Anywhere.
Achieve Metrology-grade Accuracy

Statement by the jury

Thanks to this portable 3D measurement system, highly complex data can be collected with absolute accuracy. It fascinates with a lightweight structure, easy-to-use functionality, perfect ergonomics and an economical material usage. The system’s components blend into a highly symbolic and emotionalizing appearance. The device embodies an overall solution of high design quality with an exemplary character.


Product development and design
Quality control and quality assurance
Award-winning design