Tero composting device:

Product designers, specifically with innovative new products, often require specific expertise in a range of fields, including mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering as well as CFD and FEA. Tero, a start-up that has developed an innovative device that turns 95% of food waste into natural fertiliser in just a few hours, was assisted by our experts in designing key components to maximize performance and sustainability.

In this article, you'll explore how Tero was able to enhance its product design and make it an instant commercial hit.

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From Pure Design to Working Functionalities
The Success of Two Entrepreneurs whose Innovative Ideas Led to a Promising New Product

Leveraging Creaform Engineering's expertise to elevate product development

Power plants' requirements for metrology equipment have become more demanding and are now requiring advanced technologies. For this reason, ANDRITZ,  a world leader in all major business areas, has added Creaform's HandySCAN 3D and MaxSHOT 3D to its existing metrology equipment portfolio. 

In this document, discover why ANDRITZ made the switch!

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  • Entrepreneurs, R&D teams, product developers, product designers, engineers, industrial designers, product management teams, product owners
  • If you are lack in-house expertise in a variety of engineering and product design fields
  • If you would like to take your product design to a new level in performance and reliability
  • If you want to carry out extensive CFD and FEA analyses
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Managers and Engineers
  • Production, Maintenance, Repair and Overall Managers
  • If you are considering acquiring portable 3D measurement tools
  • If you want to accelerate and simplify measurement processes operated in manufacturing environment (vibrations, thermal variations, etc) 

In this case study, you will discover why Tero decided to work with Creaform Engineering's teams in industrial design, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering to ready a new product for mass production.